Delicious Flavor for 5-Calories

The most delicious wait on the Internet.


Delicious spearmint flavor that will refresh you from tongue to toe. Set your taste buds a tingling with the invigorating sensation of green mint.


Refreshing and delicious mint. Way to multi-task. Show your tongue who’s boss with a crisp, refreshing flavor.

Polar Ice®

An avalanche of icy flavor. Give in to the cool sensation of mint and introduce your mouth to the Arctic.

Smooth Mint

Mint that’s all spark, no bite. An innovative mix combines peppermint and spearmint without any of the harshness. It’s so suave, it might as well have an accent.


A blast of blizzard-friendly mint. Enjoy icy breath that cools you down, year-round.

Classic Bubble

A bubble gum flavor that takes you back to childhood. Twirl your imaginary ponytail and try not to get any gum stuck in your braces.

Sweet Watermelon

Sweet watermelon flavor without the seeds. Have a picnic in your pocket with a tantalizing, summery stick of gum.

Berry Burst

Jam-packed with berry goodness. With one bite, Berry Burst will bring you back to those shared summer moments.


Coming in hot with a flavor that never fades, Cinnamon is the newest addition to our flavor family.


Get an instant rush of freshness with this chewy mint that packs all the delicious Peppermint flavor and freshening power of Extra.

Polar Ice

Unleash an avalanche of mint flavor with this chewy mint that packs the delicious Polar Ice flavor and freshening power of Extra.